Survey Shows Strength in 2017 Housing Market

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If you caught my 2016 Recap and 2017 Forecast then you know the housing market had a good year here in St Louis during 2016 and that my forecast for 2017 was pretty optimistic as well.  Well, according to a survey conducted by ValueInsured (a company that allows homeowners to buy insurance against a loss in value), I’m not the only one optimistic about 2017 as the survey revealed that 69 percent of Americans surveyed believe 2017 will be a better year for the housing market than 2016.

Millennial’s That Don’t Own A Home Yet Are The Most Optimistic

The biggest increase in optimism for the housing market came from millennial non-homeowners whose confidence in the housing market doing well was up 5.0 points to 61.3 from 56.3 the prior quarter.

Most Feel Trump Will Be Good For Housing Market in 2017

The survey also revealed that 52 percent of Americans believe the housing market will do better under the Trump administration.  When it comes to the millennial generation, 59 percent of that generation feel the Trump administration will be good for the housing market.

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